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Reflection:  Our focus this week is 'Strength'. 

We are now in Lent and to see us through, we may need strength.  As you listen to the music think about how you are going to try to be strong.



For the next 2 weeks we will be learning about split digraphs. This is where two separate letters make a long vowel sound.  Watch the a-e video below and then use the sheets below to reinforce what you have learnt.



Our Zoom at 10am will be an introduction to our new books for this term, on the theme of Africa.

Our PowerPoint from this morning.... sentence writing please! If you can't access this on your computer at home write your own sentences.


Our Zoom at 11.30am will be investigating inputs and outputs.


As we were not in school yesterday, I have included our RE story for you to watch.  It's a book called 'Dogger' by Shirley Hughes.  Listen to the story and think about the choices that were made.  This activity does not need to be carried out today, you may find time later on in the week or it is the perfect bedtime story.



A variety of activities about bones and muscles for the week. This does not need to be printed out, you can write your answers in your remote learning book.