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Good Morning Unicorns!heart

Why did the ghost always need more books?

She goes through them too quickly!


Join me at 9:00am for our Zoom – today we shall share reflection together and begin looking at our day ahead.  



The theme this week is forgiveness.

This morning we shall think about which is more difficult: to ask for forgiveness or to forgive?

"Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." Luke 23:34

Mack Brock - I Am Loved (Official Lyric Video)

Morning Lessons


LO: to find the area of a parallelogram.   

This morning make a start by watching the video ‘Area of a Parallelogram’ Remember to stop and pause the video when asked. After you have watched the video please complete the worksheet below:


Begin today’s lesson by listening to Chapter 6 ‘We go to the Eye’

The London Eye Mystery: Chapter 6 - Year 6

Chapter 6, 'We Go to the Eye'.

It would be a good idea to take notes whilst listening to this chapter – are any clues given away as to Salim’s disappearance?

LO: to make predictions and justify your answers.

Today you will become ‘detectives’ you may want to listen back to some of the previous chapters of the book. Can you put together a presentation or write down what you think has happened to Salim? – You could include drawings, have you noted down any significant moments of what has happened so far? Have you plotted the movements so far of each character? This can all just be rough notes in your remote learning book. Be prepared to talk about it in our class Zoom at 12:00pm.


KS2 – Meet and Author – ‘Jenni Jennings’ Book week special.

Zoom @ 11:00am - all details sent out on the app. 



Drop Everything And Read

So, drop everything right now, go, and find a nice quiet spot to read. Quick go!



We will still have our Zoom call at 12:00pm today – see you all then.


Afternoon Lessons

The Book Week Menu can be found at the bottom of the page. 


Have you thought about your outfit or head- piece for tomorrow – World Book day ‘dress up’ If not maybe spend some time this afternoon planning what you could do.


Check out Mrs Harrison’s ‘Story in a box’ creation! Yes it is based on Malice and Underland – what will you be doing for your ‘Story in a box’ masterpiece?

Book Week - Choose one of the following afternoon activities:

Hope you have all had a super day!

Mrs Jessup. xx