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Good Morning Unicorns!heart

Why did the student eat his homework?

Because Mrs Jessup told him it was a piece of cake!



Join me at 9:00am for our Zoom – today we shall share reflection together and then make a start on some arithmetic. You will still find further arithmetic questions at the bottom of the page.



The theme this week is understanding.


Morning Lessons



First, have a go at these extra Arithmetic questions:


1/6 of 30

2/6 of 30

1/6 of 300

1/5 of 450

3/5 of 450

1/7 of 154

5/7 of 154

LO: to convert Fractions to decimals.

Today’s learning is converting fractions to decimals. Please follow the link to the White Rose Video to get you started. ‘Fractions to decimals (1)’ –

Remember to pause the video and answer questions when instructed. I have added the worksheet and answers to follow today’s lesson just below:


Extra Maths Zoom:

Unicorns, a small number of you have been invited to a Maths Zoom lesson today, which should help you – very similar to the boosters in school. This is at 10:30 am today via Zoom.

If you too are struggling with the Maths but have not been sent an invitation to join us then please email me: so I can add you to the group.



Have you had a look at your spellings for this term yet? I have attached the spelling sheet here for you. You may have been following the spellings this term from home, if so you can focus on the current week. If you have not looked at the spellings yet, you can start from the first week or jump to this week. Have a good go at learning your spellings this week. Choose one of these three activities to help you learn your spellings:



How much do you know about the infamous Tudor Queen Elizabeth I – today I have a reading comprehension for you to do all about her life and reign. There are two papers to choose from with differing difficulty levels – make sure you check them both and pick the one you feel is write for you.  



LO: to discuss and predict events within a story and talk confidently about it.

Your task is a simple one today – can you continue with the Macbeth BBC animation and watch episode 5 ‘A trap for Banquo’. We watched this together in yesterday's Zoom but you can watch again:


Make a few notes from the episode. What key things happened? Can you predict what Macbeth’s next move will be? If you can, reach out to someone in the class to see if you can talk through the episode with them? And discuss what you are enjoying most about reading and listening to Macbeth. The Year 6 bubble in school, this is a great chance for a big group discussion. (I know Mrs Barden has got really into it!).laugh



Join me at 12:00pm for our Zoom call before lunch – hope to see lots of your lovely faces.


Afternoon Lessons.



LO: to locate places on a map.

Have a little research of the following places on the internet (try using google maps); you should find that Birnam Wood, Dunsinane Hill and Glamis Castle are all real places near Perth in Scotland. So Shakespeare didn’t completely make them up!

I would like these real map places to be the start of a map that you are going to create.

Activity: Your task is to design an imaginary map but to include some of the real places featured in Macbeth. Some places you should include on your own map design:

  • Dunsinane Hill (including King Duncan’s Castle)
  • Glamis Castle
  • Birnam Wood
  • The heath/moorland (where the witches appear).

You can add in any other imaginary place names or locations in and around this area to make your map more interesting.

Added extras: Maybe you could add hidden notes or messages like,‘ Here be dragons’ to reflect the mysterious nature of the play and area.

Colour the map or paint it in any way you wish – that is completely up to you.



LO: to use the internet safely to research a history topic.

Whilst doing my planning, I began to think which buildings in London were there back in the 1600s and of course, the Tower of London. Built back in the 1070s it is steeped in history!

Originally the tower was built as a fortress by King William the Conqueror, but during the Tudor times it became an infamous prison and place of torture/execution. The Tower was feared and dreaded by many who were sent there because most never left alive!

Therefore, this afternoon I would like you to do some research – the following website is FULL of historical information.


Explore the page well and take as many notes as possible! Why? Because it will really help you with an English task I have planned for tomorrow.

You may wish to explore the internet further and find some more information on the infamous Tower elsewhere.


Hope you have all had a lovely day. See you tomorrow. heart

Mrs Jessup. xx