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Good morning lovely Elves and happy happy Friday! ♥

Have another listen to this song - the lyrics are perfect for our focus on STRENGTH this week!


10am English (Zoom)

We are going to read to the end of the story 'We're Going on a Lion Hunt' this morning. Make sure you join in with the actions! smiley 

Today we're going to be adding conjunctions to extend a sentence from the story: We're all tired now.

e.g. We're all tired now because the sun was beating down on us all day!


NB The powerpoint for this English lesson is saved here as two parts as the whole file was too large to save (it includes the whole story!)



11.30am Art (Zoom)

In this session we are going to think about African Art linked to our topic this term. 

Spelling, punctuation and grammar

Yesterday I asked you to think about the four different types of sentences:

statements commands questions exclamations

Hopefully you were able to have a go at writing your own statement, command, question and exclamation. 


Today I'd like you to scroll down to Activity 1 and do the quiz!


Then have a look at Activity 3 on the same webpage and have a go at this! It looks like good fun! smiley I look forward to seeing your posters!



PE/Outdoor learning

After all that snow, the weather appears to be getting a little milder, daylight is lasting longer and Spring is definitely in sight! It's important to spend time outside, for a change of scenery and to get some fresh air. 

Here are some outdoor ideas for you:

Can you spot any daffodils or snowdrops or can you find any bulbs beginning to sprout through the ground?! 

Storytime/quiet reading 

Perhaps you'd like to take this time think about what you might want to dress up as for World Book Day. This might be the perfect opportunity to flick through some of your favourite stories. Think about what you already have at home that you could transform into a book character idea!