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Term 2

WW1 day - End of project celebration

Advent Breakfast - Wednesday 8th December

Weekly TTRockstars practice

Practising Hockey in PE - Great skills

RE - Week 4 - We wrote poems on God’s expectations of Mary

Hinduism day 18.11.2021

In our class, we have been learning about Karma and the cycle of Samsara. We have drawn our own diagrams to explain the continuous cycle in which the soul is reborn over and over again, according to the laws of Karma.

At death, many Hindus believe the soul is carried into a new physical body, which can be human or non-human form (an animal or divine being).

The goal of liberation (Moksha) is to make us free from this cycle of action and reaction, and from rebirth.

Remembrance Assembly - 11th November 2021

Remembrance Artwork and Poppy making