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Remote Learning:


We hope that the Class pages are 'working' for you and that the routine of the Zoom calls is manageable too.

Please remember that we admit children from the waiting room on Zoom calls at 9.55am and 11.25am, in the hope that we can start promptly at 10am and 11.30am. 

Could we please remind you to login, changing the name of you or your device to your child's name.  It stops blank screens with 'Mum's tablet' on the call.  Thank you. 


All of the codes have been sent out via the School App.


Tuesday is a busy day for Zoom activities, please do not worry.  Work on the website for that day, can be completed at other times during the week, when perhaps things are a little quieter.  


Please note that documents on the class pages do not need to be printed out.  Children can record these activities, at home, in their own way. 


If you have any questions or queries you have our class email address and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  


Kind Regards Mrs Ruiz and Mrs Mackell.