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Lerning objective: Recognise growth in nature and discover the ways in which things grow.

Discuss the Spring nature walk that we went on in school and talk about what happens in Spring.

Learn about Lent: a time to grow more like Jesus.

Good Friday

Place a Cross  on a prayer focus.  Introduce Good Friday.  The day on which Jesus died is called Good Friday.  On Good Friday people go to church to remember Jesus and to listen to the story of how he died.  The Cross is special because it helps us to remember God’s great love for everyone.

  • Ask the children to draw pictures of sharing, caring and helping.
  • Make an Easter Garden – Include fresh flowers – eggs, chicks and lambs which are signs of new life.
  • Decorate hard boiled eggs with signs of new life and put them into an Easter basket.  These can then be used in an Easter Egg hunt.

Plant quick growing seeds as signs of new life: e.g. cress or grass.  This could be used in the Easter Garden.

You can always look at the science activities and Easter crafts in Monday's section.

Daily Reflection