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Good Morning

Hi all, it was great to continue to see so many of you on zoom. Our last Zoom is Friday and is about returning to school next. Please come and join us if you can for this as we will explain what to expect when you come back.




Guided Reading – From the Pirates of the Caribbean comic can you create 5 questions to challenge someone else with.

Writing – Carry on creating and drawing your comic.



Arithmetic – Bill has run 110m and Bob has run 101m. Bob says he has run further than Bill, prove if he is write or wrong and explain how you know.

Challenges – Today we are exploring use the four core operations (add, subtract times and divide) alongside measuring. The video for this is here and the challenges are below.


Science – This is our final science week and you can do anything scientific you would like. It could be one of our pirate science tasks I set earlier in the term or any other you have found and would like to explore.