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Wednesday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Hello Pixies, 

Always remember that…..



-Continue with your reading challenge. Have you completed any so far? Which one did you like the most? 



-Have a read through your poem from the previous day. Are there any changes you could make? Can you think of any words that could swap?

-Create a picture either using paint, collage material, pastels, crayons etc to go alongside your poem. What is your about? Can you create this in your picture?

-Read your poem out loud to an adult and then show them your picture. Don’t forget you can always email a copy to us also.



-Today we are thinking about some tricky words: little, one, do, when what, out. Can you read these words? Can you write these words?

-Put each of the tricky words into a sentence, making sure you use the correct sentence. 

-Use the link to play Buried Treasure, using a mixture of phase 4 words when playing the game.



-We are continuing to think about telling the time and recognising o’clock and half past. Using your homemade clock from Monday can you show 5 o’clock, 10 o’clock, 9 o’clock and also half past 7, half past 1 and half past 11.

-Watch the following link to remind you of o’clock and half past.

-Complete the telling time worksheet found in the resources. 



-Today we are thinking about the seaside now and then (a long time ago). Have a little look through the power point found in the resources. Maybe you could ask your adult at home or one of your grandparents if the seaside has changed since they were little?

-Complete the seaside sorting activity found in the resources. Cut out the pictures and decide if they go under the then, now or both columns. 

-If you would like to have a try at any seaside art and craft activities there are some in the resources. Happy Crafting!!


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh xxx