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Good Morning

Hello all, I hope you have enjoyed our few days of zooming and enjoyed Islam day yesterday. You have a home day today but I will see you all again tomorrow!





Guided Reading – I will leave you read or finish or reread the comic from Monday. If you would like to quiz others on what you have read that would be great. For a challenge, you could quiz them on the first section as well!

Writing – Today is your chance and time to write your own great pirate tales. We did a shared write based on this on Monday and you have your plans from last week to use as well. Write as much as you wish and have fun. We will continue writing tomorrow so don’t feel you have to finish today.



Arithmetic – Following on from halving on Monday can you explain why 13, 16,9, 7 and 21 can not be halved?

Challenges – We are moving onto quarters today, it is a follow on from our learning on halves earlier in the week. The video is here and the challenges are below.


Science – We still have the home science tasks to go back and continue. I hope you are having a fun exploring these tasks.