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Tuesday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Wednesday Home Learning 


Good Morning Pixies,  

You are doing great so keep going……. we are nearly at the end of term! You are all working so hard and we are really proud of you!




-Have you got any non-fiction books? Remember non-fiction texts provide us with facts and information.  

-Read your non-fiction book for at least ten minutes and try to find out something you did not know before. What is your favourite fact you can find?

-Can you share a fact with us? Email a funny or interesting fact to the Pixies email and Mrs Jukes and Mrs Mackell can share these with your friends. Happy fact finding!! 



-Listen to the story using the following link.

- Remember the very first page from Monday and think about the following questions:

What do you like and dislike about what you see? Does it remind you of anything in real life or stories? Do you have any questions about it? Does anything puzzle you?

-Look at the second page from the book, found in resources, and have a look closely at Noi’s face and his father’s face. What do you see and why do you think they have these expressions?

-Read the following text that goes with the picture: ‘Everyday, Noi’s dad left early for a long day’s work on his fishing boat. He wouldn’t be home again till dark.’ What do you think this means for the characters? How are they feeling? What are they thinking? 

-Complete the thought and bubbles worksheet found in resources, in role as Noi and dad. 



-Today we are thinking about the grapheme ‘o’ and how there are different ways of pronouncing this grapheme. Use the following link to listen.

-Try saying these words and listen to the ‘o’ sound that you use: hot, spot, shock, clock, golf, so, don’t, hold, both. Can you think of your own words?

-Use the link below to play acorn adventures.



-Recap on your work from Monday, using the words before and after.  Are you confident that you know what these words mean? Can you use the words correctly in a sentence?

-Today we are thinking about the days of the week and that there are seven days in a week. Use the following link to help you learn the days of the week and the order.

-Complete the days of the week poster found in resources or you can create your own. You can then display this at home to remind you of the days in the week. 

-You will also find a days of the week word search in the resources that you can try. 



-Think about the excitement from people when a baby does something for the very first time. Maybe your adult can tell you about something you did for the first time and how they felt.

-Think about how you have changed since you were a baby. You can do lots more now and you can even help your family with different jobs. You can also help the adults and other children at school. Can you think of ways that you can help in school? 

-Create your own job helper badge that you can then use in school to show people what your job is. What job are you going to be responsible for? You can find a job helper template in the resources or you can create your own. 

-If you would rather create a job helper badge for home then do that. Ask your adult what job you can do to help? Maybe you can be in charge of setting the table ready for dinner. 


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh xxx