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Daily Reflection and Music

Wednesday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Good Morning Pixies!

Remember you are wonderful! 

Don’t forget to use the reflection picture and music if you feel you would like to have daily reflection at home, just like we do in class. You could find a cloth, a candle and take 5 minutes to reflect by yourself or with your family. 




Do you have any poetry books at home? Maybe you could read a poem today and discuss this with your grown up. What is the poem about? If you do not have a poetry book, you will find an Easter poem at the bottom of the page for you to read. 


As Spring arrives, some of us may be thinking about planting some seeds or bulbs in the garden. Look at the worksheet below which shows the steps for planting a bulb. Talk about what is happening in each picture. 

-On the planning sheet draw and label your own planting a bulb pictures, just like on the sheet. What key words could you add?

-Why don’t you plant some seeds or bulbs in the garden or in a pot and watch them grow? Send us some pictures.



Using the following link to play Little Bird Spelling, this will help you spell those tricky words. Choose year group 1, press go, and you will be ready to play!


-Quick fire questions based on counting in 10’s e.g. what ten comes after 40? What ten comes before 20?

-Sing along to the counting in 10’s song.

-Can you write the tens numbers down in order, starting with 10 and going up to 100? You can decorate your work and maybe pin it up somewhere to help remind you how to count in 10’s.



-Can you find something out about St. Paul’s Cathedral in London? You could make a poster showing your findings, or you could write a sentence, or you could do a drawing of the Cathedral. You can complete any of these on the computer or by hand. 

-Settle down and watch Mary Poppins! Can you spot St. Paul’s Cathedral in the movie?


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x