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Good Morning

Hello, Elves and everyone, it was great to see you all yesterday for the zoom and I hope you enjoyed the activities we were able to do. It has been so great to see so many of you and am really grateful for you joining us. I hope to see just as many of you again tomorrow for maths zoom.






Guided Reading – I would like you to look back through and read the start of the pirates comic again. Can you create 5 questions that we can shared at the end of our maths Zoom tomorrow.

Writing – Leading on from our Zoom yesterday we are going to think today about forming our stories. As we discussed yesterday a story has a beginning, middle and an end to them. I would like you to pick one of your story ideas from Monday and create the beginning for it. Remember that the beginning of a story is where the bad character does something to the good character. It could be something like stealing treasure, kidnapping someone important or special, taking a boat or anything else you can think of.



Arithmetic – Here is a question to think about from yesterday’s learning. I have tray full of pencils, there are 360 in total. I am putting them into groups of 10. I think I have enough pencils to give to 36 children. Am I correct? This may see, tricky but work as a team and you will get through it.

Challenges – We are moving on to looking at odds and even numbers. It is a fact that we should all know but we can rehearse again. The video is in the link and the tasks are below.


Science – I would like you to carry on and do your next science activity from the group that I put up earlier on in the term.