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Reflection and Music

Wednesday Home Learning – Pixies Class



Nothing changes the day like a smile! Smile lots today.




-Choose a reading book that you would like to read to your cuddly toys. 

-Set your cuddly toys up so that they are ready to listen to you and make sure they can see any pictures that you would like to show them. 

-When you are reading out loud make sure that you are using a good reading voice and you are using expression etc. We don’t want your cuddly toys to not enjoy the story. Take a picture of you reading to them and send it to us!



-Look at some of the photographs (of a snail and a whale) found in resources and think about what you see. Can you describe what each photograph is showing?

-Write a caption/sentence to go alongside each photograph. You can print out the photographs and write your captions on the paper or you can just write your captions on some paper you have. 

- Try to make your caption as interesting as possible. Read your captions/sentences and see if you can improve them in anyway.



-Recap on the split diagraph from yesterday, o_e.

-Today we are thinking about the tricky words: come, there, were, some and so. Can you read and spell each of these tricky words? Maybe you could think of a way of helping you to remember how to spell them. 

-Write some sentences that include these words. Can you write these sentences down, using the correct spelling?

-Use the following link to play some phonics games. You can choose which games you would like to work through.



-Work through the recognising money PowerPoint, trying to answer the questions and using your knowledge of coins and notes from the previous two days. 

-Complete the how much money worksheets found in resources. With the empty purses you can choose how much to put in there, use the spare coins at the bottom of the pages to cut out and stick them in the purse. 

-Try writing out different amounts of money, remembering either the pound or pence symbol when writing the amount. 



-At the beach you can find many different things and often find something different every time you go!

-We often use the words Man-Made or Natural when talking about the beach. Do you know what these mean? 

-Man-made means things that are made by human beings and natural means comes from nature. 

-Look at the pictures of all the different things that can be seen at the beach and complete the sorting activity, deciding if each thing is man-made or natural. Cut them out and stick them in the correct place. You will find this activity in the resources. Happy sorting!

-Can you think of your own man-made and natural things that you could add to your pictures?


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x