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“Treat others as you want to be treated.”

Luke 6:31

Who are the people you respect?



Class Book: ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies


Narrative writing

 Today publish your edited draft from yesterday. Don't forget to include your edits and remember your neat handwriting. 

If you have already done this, write a letter to the local council about how you feel they could improve or change the park next to school (Lower Radnor Park).




Complete the questions in the worksheets at the bottom of the page (the second page of each set of questions has the answers on it! Remember, no peeking!)

The fractions will be mixed fractions, whole numbers with fractions.


A video can be found in the video resources section (bottom of the children tab, at the top of the page) showing you how to work out and set out your learning.



Geography- Rivers

Last Wednesday you looked at BBC Bitesize to learn about rivers.

This week, follow the journey of the Thames on the Powerpoint below.

Draw a cartoon or story map to show the river's journey and how it changes.