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Wednesday 6th

Good Morning

Hi all, it was good to see some of you yesterday in school but it does feel very strange to be in our classroom without you all.

Be Safe! Be Creative! Be Yourself!



Reflect on what it means to be a member of the people of God.



Guided Reading – I put up chapter 3 yesterday. Below are 3 questions I have written for you, have a go and see if you can think of the answers:

  1. Why did Max wait until the lorry was coming along the road?
  2. Why did the lorry driver grin?
  3. Why does Max have a headache?

Writing – We are moving towards our big write on Thursday. We have drawn what it looks like from a hedgehog perspective and yesterday we created some word webs. Today we are going to use our senses to describe the picture you drew on Monday. We have 5 senses: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Create a list of words to describe each sense; you don’t have to do taste, for our big write tomorrow.

SPAG – We have been looking at the difference between past and present tense. I have a challenge card for you to try today and it is below.



Arithmetic – Keep going with your times tables time challenge. Only 1 more day to go to get your time as low as you can!

Exploration – We have been exploring position and direction. These two words mean different things. Position is where an object is located, such as above, below, left, right, in front of and behind. Direction is the description of how something is moving such as clockwise, anticlockwise, to the left, to the right, up or down. There are some questions below asking you about position and direction.


Science – All animals and most living things go through a life cycle. This the pattern of birth, life and death that everything follows. Can you create the life cycle for a human? Think of all the stages of life. What do you start as? What do you grow into? Make it as bright and as colourful and exciting as you can.