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Daily Reflection and Music

Wednesday Home Learning – Pixies Class

Hello Little Pixies, 

Life is like the ocean.

It can be calm and still, or it can be rough and wild, but in the end, it is always beautiful! 




-Choose a book that you have not read for a long time and find a quiet space to read it, for at least ten minutes. 

-Keep a look out for those tricky words, especially the ones we are thinking at in phonics later (said, so, have and like). 

-Create a new front cover for your book. What could you include? How could you improve it?



-Think about the story we have read together ‘The Snail and the Whale’ and what your favourite part of the book was. Can you give a reason why this particular part was your favourite?

-Were there any parts of the story that you did not like and why?

-Complete the worksheet found in resources that allows you to record your favourite part of the story. 

-Draw, paint or create a collage of your favourite part of the story.



-Recap on the graphemes we have learnt so far this week: ‘ew’ ‘wh’ and ‘ph.’

-Today we are thinking about some tricky words (said, so, have and like). Can you read each of these tricky words and can you spell them? 

-Write these tricky words out a few times so that you get use to them. 

-Can you put each one in a sentence and write it out?

-Go to ict phonics games using the following link and choose a game to play.



-Keep working on writing numbers to 100. Ask an adult to give you a number between 0-100 to write down. Have you written it correctly? Repeat the activity.

-Today we are thinking about how we represent numbers to 100 using pictorial images, using tens and ones. Look at the tens and ones power point in resources to help and remind you. 

-Complete the tens and ones worksheets found in resources.

-If you see any numbers when you are out and about, see if you can recognise them and say them out loud. 



-Have you ever been to a beach in a different country? If you have, think about what was similar to Folkestone beach and what was different?

-Find out about a beach/seaside in a different country. You can use books, the internet (with an adult’s permission) and pictures to help you. 

-Create a poster about the beach that you have found out about. We would love to learn something new about a different beach, sea etc. 

-Don’t forget to send us a picture of your posters, we can then share them with the class. We all might do a different beach to each other and then we will learn lots of new facts!!!


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x