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Listen to the reflection music (youtube):

While you are listening to the music, think about your friends. What is great about them? How do they make you smile? 

Write them a message and send it to



LO: Round to estimate and approximate

This week we will be recapping some previous learning from the Autumn term.


The video can be found here:


The worksheets can be found at the bottom of this page with an additional set of questions to work through if you want a change or an additional challenge.



Book Talk and Text analysis

Read the next page up to, ‘…Summer through Winter.’


Look at the illustration of the Magpie and Dog together.. Think of and answer these questions:

In what ways does the illustrator depict the development of their relationship and the shift of their emotional states?

What does the use of lines, marks and colour as well as the positioning of the text and the two characters on the page suggest?

What does their body language and facial expression suggest about how they are feeling and how they relate to one another?

In what ways does this page differ from the page in which they are starring at their reflections in the river and the very first image of the Magpie in the Dog’s mouth?

How do the illustrations convey the evolution of their relationship? What does the language, ‘…every day, through Summer, through Winter.’ indicate?

  • Look at the next page, with the fox looking at Dog and Magpie from afar.


  • Look at how the use of lines, markings and colour differ on the page that features the fox and what this might suggest. Reflect  on the way the characters and text are positioned on each page and what we can infer from this.
  • Read the text on the page that features the fox. What words and phrases do you find most striking and why. What do the words and phrases identified suggest about the character of the fox?


  • Look at the text describing Fox and the extract of the text that first introduced us to Dog, as summarised in the box below.


  • Note and text mark the differences in how the scene is set, the contrast in the language used to describe Dog and Fox, how Magpie responds to each of them and how all of these authorial choices inform our perception of their characters and hypothesis about what might happen next.
  • Consider  the contrast in the way the movement of these two characters is described. He runs so swiftly, it is almost as if he were flying. He flickers through the trees like a tongue of fire…
  • What does this suggest about their characters and what might it indicate about how they will impact upon one another?
  • Look into fox’s eyes, what words would they use to describe them? What is he looking at, what is he thinking, how does what he is seeing make him feel?  Why might the author have chosen to use the word haunted to describe the fox’s eyes?



Work through the slides on the PDF, then complete the activity sheet using some information from the slides. The words for the Australian National Anthem are also there for one final activity.


The youtube link for the national anthem on the slides PDF does not work, try this one instead: