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Wednesday: Good Morning Unicornsheart


Remember, love makes people feel equal. Think about all the ways you can show love to others at school or in the wider community? 



Arithmetic: Choose an activity from the arithmetic activities tab.


Lesson 3: Convert metric measures. Please follow the link to the video for today’s lesson:

I have attached the Home learning video links for the week below and please find the worksheet for today’s lesson attached with the documents below.



Linked to your E-Safety task.



Read from ‘Mr Browne’s October Precept’ to ‘Part 2: Via’. (pg. 65-81) Don’t worry if you do not read it all today. As long as we are at Part 2 by the end of this week.

For children following the text at home you can access an online copy of the book from the following link:


E-Safety – Online Communication:

As we prepare you for your transition into secondary school, I think it is time to talk about online communication. More and more of you have phones, tablets and access to online social platforms and it is important that you know and understand how to keep safe.


I have attached a PiXL PowerPoint all about online communication – work your way through the activities on the PowerPoint. The task at the end is to design a poster to show the ways that young people can be respectful online – this task could be a poster or even a leaflet.


Part of the PowerPoint talks about ‘controlling the troll’ so I have attached the worksheet in the documents below to support you with this activity.  


You may also find the clips and information on this website useful too:


Hope you are all safe and happy at home. Love, Miss Moore. xx