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Good Morning

Hello everyone, I hope you are still enjoying learning at home and with your families. It is nice to back in the classroom with some Elves but I am missing everyone at home just as much as ever. Tomorrow we are going to have a zoom catch up to work on some maths together and have some fun with that. If you need the details for that please email me or ring the school office and we sort that out for you.



To reflect today I would like you to pray to God about anything at all and to finish your prayer off with the sentence in reflection picture.



Guided Reading - We are going to continue with the same task as yesterday in order to prepare for zoom. So the task was to watch one or both of the videos of The Pirate Cruncher again. Then create some questions to share with everyone else on Zoom.

Writing - We have worked on describing our pirates, acting out their crimes and what they could have done. Today we are going to think about the ship our pirate maybe sailing. Below here are some pictures of pirate ships to help you out. Think about what you could describe about them. You could describe its size, shape, masts, cannons, decks, colour, sails etc. Think about using your senses as well, what would it smell like, what would it feel like under your hand when you touch it, what sounds could you hear?


Arithmetic - Yesterday we looked at and explored adding and subtracting amounts of 10 from a 2 digit number. Today we are going to play the dice game. Roll the dice 3 times. The put the 2 biggest numbers together to make a 2 digit number. Then add a zero to the last number to make it into a 2 digit number. Can you add and subtract the smaller number from the bigger?

Investigation - Today we are going to carry on progressing with our adding skills and look at adding 2 two digit numbers together in a range of different ways. The video is here and the challenges are below.


Science - Below are a set of pirate themed investigations you can do at home. You don' have to do them all at once, take your time and do them over the course of a weeks. I will put them back on next week as well. Enjoy exploring.