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Reflection and Music

Wednesday Home Learning – Pixies Class

Good morning Pixies,

We are halfway through the second week of term six! 




-Do you have a non-fiction book that you could read for 10 minute today? You can either read your book to start your day or to finish your day, at bedtime. 

-Read the Beach Habitats information poster found in the resources and look at the different animals. Do you know anything about these animals?

-Answer the questions found in resources, about the Beach Habitats and what you have read. 



-Use some time to finish your previous pages in your little book. 

-Look at and read the page about the snail going beneath the caves and discuss. This page can be found in resources. What do you see? Can you describe some of the things you see?

-Turn to the next page in your book and use this to write some descriptive sentences about what the snail sees beneath the water. Don’t forget to draw some pictures too. 

-Read over your little book so far. Maybe you could read it to someone in your house?



-Recap on the grapheme ‘oy’ and look over the words you thought of. 

-Today we are thinking about the grapheme ‘ir’ can you say this sound, and can you write it? Use the link to help remind you of the sound and how we pronounce it.

-Can you think of any words with ‘ir’ in? 

-Use the following link to play buried treasure, choosing phase 5 and ‘ir’ to play.



-Can you count to 100 from 50? Can you count to 100 from 82? Can you count to 100 from 13?

-Today we are thinking about ‘one more than’ and ‘one less than.’ Remember one more than means that the number will get bigger and one less means that the number will get smaller. Use your hundred square or your hundred number line from the previous lessons and ask someone in your house to ask you some questions using the word one more than and one less than, e.g. what is one more than 76? 

-Complete the dinosaur hundred square found in the resources, filling in the missing numbers. 

-Complete the dinosaur question sheet, finding one more than or one less than. 



-Our new topic is the seaside. See if you can take a little trip to Folkestone seaside with someone from your house. Take a piece of paper and a pencil with you.

-Can you draw some of the things you see at the seaside and can you label them? Do you know the names of everything you see?

-You could take some pictures of things you find at the seaside and email them to us! We would love to see them and your friends would love to see them too. 

-Look at the seaside vocabulary mat and see if you can find these things when you are at the seaside. If you are able to, you could print the mat out and tick off the things you find. 

-Look out and see if you can find anything different and interesting at the seaside.



Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x