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Wednesday: Good Morning Unicornsheart

A reminder that you can all still be accessing the home learning from BBC bite size, which is full of different activities for each subject. Follow the link:



These are all still rather unsettling and worrying times – remember a problem shared is always a problem halved. You can talk to your adults or teachers at school about any worries you have. Please follow this link to the most wonderful song from the film ‘Sing’ it always makes me sing and dance about. Give all your worries to the Lord because he cares for you.



Arithmetic: Work on finding percentages of amounts. Please find the worksheet attached below.


Lesson 3: Substitution. Please follow the link to the video for today’s lesson:

I have attached the Home learning video links for the week below and please find the worksheet for today’s lesson attached with the documents below.



Have a good read through your diary entry from yesterday. Check your work for punctuation or spelling errors? Could you work on improving your presentation at all?

Follow the links for BBC Bitesize to two English lessons that you can have a go at:

Using apostrophes:

Using commas:



From our book ‘Wonder’ Read from pg 33. ‘Home’ to pg 45. ‘Choose Kind’.

For children following the text at home you can access an online copy of the book from the following link:



Check out Reach Out Reporter for the latest Science clips and updates:


I have also found a selection of videos that are science related from BBC teach – follow the link to see some of them for you to watch from home: There is a series on this site called ‘EvolutionWatch’ which should be useful after our science learning last term.


Hope you have a great day! Love, Miss Moore. xx