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Daily Reflection and Music

Wednesday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Morning Pixies, 

Happiness comes in waves, smell the sea, feel the breeze, hear the ocean and be at ease!




-Choose a book to read for ten minutes in a nice quiet space. Can you tell someone in your house what happened in the part of the book you read?

-Look at the 'ou' sound flashcards in resources and see if you can read each word out loud?


-Read the first page only of our text ‘The Snail and the Whale.’ If you don’t have a copy at home, you can find the first page in resources. Who is this character?

-Have you seen snails before? Where were they and what were they like? 

-Have you heard of sea snails before? Watch the following link to find out more about them.

-Think about the phrase ‘this is a snail with an itchy foot’ and what this means. It means that the snail wants to travel. 

-You can use the snail in resources to cut out and colour or you can draw your own. When your snail is ready, put it in the middle of some plain paper and think about where in the world the snail might like to or could travel to? Draw pictures around the snail, of all the possibilities of where the snail could travel to. Write the names of the places too. 



-Today we are going to think about the sound 'ou'. Can you say this sound out loud? Can you write this sound down? 

-Think of some words that have this 'ou' sound e.g. cloud and write these words down. 

-Use the following link to play buried treasure, choosing the 'ou' sound.

-Can you read the sentences found in the resources?



-Can you count quickly to 100 from different starting points e.g. count to 100 from 75?

-Listen to our counting to 100 song using the link below and join in if you can.

-Use the hundred square from yesterday to help you count to 100. 

-work through the counting to 100 powerpoint, answering the questions. 

-Complete the counting to one hundred worksheets. Try to think about how you write your numbers, making sure you write them the correct way around!!

-Can you create your own poster that shows all the numbers from 0 to 100? You can make your poster as bright and colourful as you like and then it can put up somewhere in your house to help you. 



-In the Bible it says, ‘Love thy neighbour.’ What does that word neighbour mean? Is it just the person who lives next door to you? Talk about who is your neighbour with your adult. Don’t forget everyone is your neighbour, even if they live far away!

-Choose someone who is your neighbour (it could be a friend, a family member, a teacher, a teaching assistant etc) and can you draw or paint them. Make your neighbour picture nice and big so we can see them. Can you write the name of your neighbour underneath their picture? Don’t forget to send your pictures in as we would love to see them. 



Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x