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Good morning Griffins,

We hope you and your families are all well, we miss you all.

Do not worry about completing all of the homework tasks, there are lots of other things you can also do during the day like exercise routines, drawing and making, cooking, reading, playing an instrument or gardening for example.

Get out in the fresh air, you are allowed to go out for a walk, cycle or run with members of your household.

We look forward to seeing what you are up to. We are adding photos to the Griffins homework section of the website when we receive them.

Lots of hugs,

Mr and Mrs L



Listen to the reflection music (youtube):

While you are listening to the music, think about your friends. What is great about them? How do they make you smile? 

Write them a message and send it to



Class Book: ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davies

Listen from 3 mins 43 secs to the end


 Consider how the city will look once the ‘shoots of green begin to show.’

  • During the following task (drawing the city) play some music to demarcate the time allowed – ‘Tree’ by Stevie Wonder (5.47) from The Secret Life of Plants album ( , is a suitable amount of time, keeping this activity short and focussed.
  • Create an image of the city from the video using any media you like, pastels, crayons, chalks or felt tip pens for example.
  • Now draw over the city image, changing it to show what the city will look like once the plants bloom fully.
  • Using post-its, build up some vocabulary by reflecting on the words that the activity brought to mind.
  • Add a caption for your image on a strip of paper.  



LO: Add 3 or more fractions.

Pages 21 and 22, work through examples together and look at the mathematical talk section.

Classroom secrets hmk pages. Choose Developing, Expected or Greater Depth level. (see below)


Geography- Rivers

Go to the BBC Bitesize website and work your way through the river page:

Make notes about the information you hear and read.