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Wednesday: Good Morning Unicorns,


What do you give to a sick lemon?

Lemon Aid!



Lesson 3: Divide decimals by integers. Please follow the link to today’s home learning.

As before I have attached the worksheet and answers for today below.



Keep going with you lockdown diary activities! laugh


As an extra challenge today – I would also like you to check out a new section on the school website. If you go to the ‘About us’ tab you will see the new tab ‘What our children say about Stella Maris’. If you have not done so already could you think of something that you could send in that we could add to this page please? When Mrs Huotari shared it with staff I very quickly found the ‘Stella’ poem that Anneliese wrote a little while ago and added that to the site. Jincy has also designed a poster for the page – Well Done. 

Can you write a poem, a poster or design a picture that could be added to this page – all about Stella Maris – and why our school is a special place.  Thank you so much Unicorns! heart



Can you answer the comprehension questions based on the text - The Slug. There are 20 questions (Set 1)  in total so lots to work through. I have attached the text again below in today’s documents. Plus the questions and answers sheet.



Work through the activities on the PiXL PowerPoint –looking at the grammatical functions of prepositions. The PowerPoint is attached below for you.



Make sure you have had a look at this week’s daily reflections. Our theme this week is all about ‘Obedience.’

How did you get on with you 7-day kind gestures plan – let me know how you did and if you have been carrying out the acts of kindness yourself?



I have attached a short video from Mrs Harrison with your art challenge for this week it is on the Video Resource Centre Page under Unicorns' Videos – Kaleidoscope Mandala. For this task you will need: A4 paper, scissors, a ruler, a pencil and felt tips. (You could also use colouring pencils). It looks fantastic and I am sure you will all really enjoy having a go! laugh



Wishing you all a super day Unicorns. xheart