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Daily Reflection and Music

Wednesday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Keep going Pixies, you are doing brilliantly! 

Thank you to all of you who have sent miles in already, that is wonderful!! You are little heroes in disguise!!! 




-Choose a story book to read to an adult or a brother or sister.

-When you have read your story, think about the following questions and see if you can answer them: (1) What is the title of your book? (2) Is it a fiction or non-fiction book? (3) What was your favourite part of the story? (4) Why did you like this part? (5) What happened at the end of the story? (6) Who were the characters in your story?


-Read your ‘Wild’ story from the previous two days. 

-Think about what happens next and how you can continue to write this in your own words. 

-Continue writing or typing your story. There are more templates at the bottom of the page if you need them. 

-Now read through your whole story and check for any mistakes that can be corrected or changed. 

-You may want to read your story out loud to someone in your house. 



-Look at the phase 5 phonics sound mat found in the resources at the bottom of the page. Work through each sound, making sure you say the sound correctly. If you are not sure about a particular sound, there are lots of videos online that help you with the pronunciation of the sounds. 

-Use the following link to play some phase 5 phonics sound games. You can have an explore and choose the game that you like.



-How do you write a half? Remember when you find one half of an object/shape or amount, there has to be two equal amounts. 

-Complete the ladybird worksheet, finding half of different numbers. You will need some scissors and glue to complete this activity.

-Remember to ask you adult if you able to use the scissors and if you need help with them. 



-This week in our outside topic we are thinking about directions, North, South, East and West. 

-Have you ever seen a compass before? There is a picture of one in the resources or you can google and see lots of different pictures of compasses. Do you know what a compass is for? They help people find where they are going. 

-Think of a saying to help you remember NORTH, EAST SOUTH, WEST……..e.g. NEVER EAT SLIMEY WORMS!!!!!

-Complete the compass worksheet found in the resources. 

-If you know someone with a compass that you could borrow, maybe you could take it with you on your daily walk. 


Don’t forget to go for your daily walk to help build up some more miles!!


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x