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Griffins as you listen to our song today please think about how you can be strong for the rest of lockdown. It is not easy to go from total freedom to having most of your options taken away. Hold on in there parents and children, and know we will all support each other until this is over.




Remember you do not have to copy out all of the questions, especially if they use complicated diagrams.

Your answers and any workings out are enough.


Complete Summer Term – Week 2 (w/c 27 April), Lesson 2 - Subtracting decimals with the same number of decimal places

It has a video, worksheet and then a sheet with the answers on.

The sheet can also be found in the resources at the bottom of this page.



Remember to read for 20-30 mins a day. Write down any words you can not read or any that you do not understand from your book.

Session 15: Character creation part 2.

Today you are to create your own 'baddy' character for your story:

  • Create a 'nemesis' to rival your lead character from yesterday.
  • Think of the appearance and behaviour of the character.
  • What is their backstory? Where do they come from? What is their family like?
  • What are they doing that makes your character from yesterday want to find or stop them?
  • You can draw your character if you like.

Read or listen to the next chapter of the story (audio below, bottom of pg 79 to middle of pg 86 of PDF).


Audio book link for Chapter 12, 'Behind the door' here:

Chapter 12, Part 1

Chapter 12, Part 2


History- Viking Traders and Explorers

Learn some Viking words!


Go to the BBC Bitesize page below and research the famous vikings and what they did.

Who were they?

Where did they go?

What did they trade?

How did they navigate?


Organise your findings as a mind map.


The website with the information you need:




Stormbreaker Story