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Wednesday: Good Morning Unicorns,

Did you know...?

No words in the dictionary rhyme with the word orange.


Lesson 2: Multiply fractions by fractions. Please follow the link to today’s home learning.

As before I have attached the worksheet and answers for today below.

You may have noticed that this work on fractions is similar to what we have done in school before  - so this should be a good refresher for you all.



Yesterday you should have listened and read long with me through the text ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. After that you hopefully put together some of your own ideas for classroom objects that may write a letter of complaint to the Unicorns.

Today I have attached some model texts – showing you letters of complaints from classroom chairs. Read through these examples – decide which you liked best and can you say why?

Using these examples can you begin to plan a letter of your own? Pick out ideas you like from these examples. Look through your list of classroom objects and decide what classroom object you would be and what you would be complaining about.

In the past children have written from the perspective of: a maths book, the whiteboard, Miss Moore’s keyboard, a table, a pencil and the list goes on.yes



I have attached a text for you called – The Cave. Can you read through this either independently or with an adult at home? Go through any unfamiliar vocabulary and make a note of word meanings that you do not know.



Work through the activities on the PiXL PowerPoint – this will be a bit of revision for you – looking at the grammatical features of adjectives. The PowerPoint is attached below for you.



Looking back to our unit that we started at the beginning of this home learning on Witnesses.

 I would like you to research a local charity or a charity of your choice. Who founded it and why? What was their inspiration and how do they help people? Write a profile all about your chosen charity.



Found object art making is a medium that has been explored by various artists throughout the ages. Let your creativity flow by creating art with the objects that you have around you.  I would like you to go on a hunt for coloured objects in your home.

Using the objects found throughout your house, collect as many coloured objects as you can to create a colour wheel or some sort of rainbow image. It will become a fun challenge to see how many different coloured objects you can find for your art piece.

Hope you have a lovely day Unicorns x