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Daily Reflection and Music

Wednesday Home Learning – Pixies Class



You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and so much smarted than you think! Remember this!!




-Read a book of your choice for at least ten minutes and you can then add a sticker to your superhero chart from the previous day! Don’t forget if you would like a superhero chart and stickers and you are unable to print them out, you can collect a copy from the school office when you are out for your daily exercise. 

-When you are reading see if you can spot any tricky words from the previous day…..people, Mrs, Mr, their, could etc. Can you spell them?


-Look at your pictures and descriptive sentences form the previous two days work to remind yourself of the story. 

-Can you retell the story to someone else in your house? Try to make your retelling of the story really exciting and enthusiastic.

-Maybe you could ask the listener some questions about the story?



- Use the phase 5 sounds mat in the resources to go over some of your sounds. Can you say each one correctly? Can you think of a word or some words with this sound?

-Use the link to play some phonics games, you choose which one you would like to play.



-Work through the weight and mass power point, answering the questions out loud!

-Complete the weight and mass worksheets found in the resources. 

-Can you find some items around the house or in the garden that weigh more than a sock?

-Can you find some items around the house or in the garden that weigh less than a football?



-When you are in the garden or out for your daily exercise, have a little look around and see what animals you can spot. Write the animals down so you don’t forget what you have seen or maybe take a picture of the animals. Are there any clues that animals have been out?

-Were there any animals you did not know the name of? Try and find out. Can you draw some of the animals that you spotted and label them?

-If you would like, make a bird feeder using the video below to help you. It’s really easy……all you need is a toilet roll, some honey, string and some bird seed. You can place the bird feeder in your garden or give it someone else for their garden.



Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x