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Daily Reflection and Music

Wednesday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Hey Pixies,

We are halfway through another week, well done.

Remember… are little heroes in disguise and you have definitely got this!!!!




-Sometimes books don’t have any words. Do you have any books without words? 

-Have a look at the ‘By the River’ image that can be found in resources and discuss what you see. Can you think of any words that can be used for the image?

-Complete the word match to the definition worksheet found at the bottom of the page. Did you think of any of the words on the worksheet?



-Think about our story and read it again to remind yourself about what happens. The story book can be found on Week One resources. 

-Choose your favourite scene/image from the book that has both the character and an animal(s). Have a think about what the girl and the animal(s) might be saying to each other. 

-Draw your favourite scene that you have chosen, including the girl and the animal(s). Add the speech bubbles to your picture, found at the bottom of the page, and write inside what you think they might be saying to one another. 



-Have a listen to the phase 5 phonics sounds pronunciation mat using the following link

-Can you think of a word for each of the sounds? 

-Can you pronounce each sound correctly?



-Work through the measuring Power point on the computer (found in resources), trying to answer the questions about height and length. 

-Complete the worksheets about height and length. 

-Do you know your height? Maybe someone in your house could measure.



-Have a walk around your garden or go for a walk for your daily exercise. Whilst you are out walking have a look for any flowers and plants. 

-Take a picture of what you find and create a collage or send us the pictures. Can you find out the name of the flowers and plants that you have spotted? Did you find any unusual flowers or plants?

-Sketch some of the flowers and plants that you saw. We would love to see them.


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x