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Wednesday 29th

Good Morning

Hi all, I was in school yesterday and it was brilliant to see four of our fellow Elves! It made me miss you all even more and I am looking forward to when we get to spend some time together again.



Find your quite place. Take the time to reflect on the people you need to forgive. Who are you angry or upset with? Ask God for help to forgive.



Guided Reading – Below is the end of chapter 2. Read the end of the chapter playing the next line game. One person reads a line; the next person reads the next line and so on until you get to the end.

Writing – We are going to keep exploring crossing the road today, specifically the verbs and adverbs that we can use to help us. A verb is a doing word, a word that tells us what we need to do. An adverb describes how we do the verb. I quietly walked is an adverb describing a verb. I would like you to create a double list, one being verbs around crossing the road and the other being adverbs to go with the verbs you have listed.

SPAG – We have moved on from our compound words onto adding suffixes. A suffix is a collection of letters that are added to the end of word to change either its meaning or tense. The suffixes I want you to try and use are –ment, -er and –ness. Write out as many words as you can think of that use these suffixes.



Arithmetic – We are going to practice division today, specifically halving numbers, which is the same as dividing by two. Follow the link to the game to play, once at the start screen select one of the three halving games.

Game – We have been looking at Pictograms where a picture means 1 person or thing. Today the game I would like you to play where the picture in the pictogram will be more than one. I would like you to select horizontal pictograms and unit=?. You can select any of the options after that.


Science – Last week we explored our lifestyles and what we need to do and what we need to avoid to live a healthy lifestyle. Part of the healthy lifestyle you explored last week would have been a balanced diet. I want you to research and find out what the food groups, what foods are in each group and how much of each group you should have to maintain a healthy diet.