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Wednesday: Good Morning Unicorns,

Did you know...?

Only male toads can croak!


Today’s lesson is Lesson 3: Add and Subtract Fractions. Check out the video and the worksheet activity too.

Remember BBC Bitesize also has some great Maths activities and I believe this week they match the ones set by the White Rose website too. Follow:


Arithmetic: An arithmetic test for you all today. We are now on the summer term set so this is now: test 1. Please find it attached below Unicorns.



A bit of fun with this creative writing task: 

See the picture of the frog. What is this frog daydreaming about?


Listen carefully to the song ‘Am I wrong?’ by ‘Nico and Vinz’

Can you answer these questions?

1) Find a rhetorical question in the lyrics.

2) Find a line in the song that shows that the writer wants to be different.

3) Find a line from the song that shows the writer is ambitious.

4) 'Am I tripping for having a vision?' - What does it mean if you 'have a vision'?

5) 'Am I wrong for thinking out the box from where I stay?' - describe a time when you have thought 'out of the box'. 

6) Can you think of a different name for the song? One that better describes the meaning of it?

7) Which word better describes the singer: 'determined' or 'hopeful'?

Here is the link for the full lyrics to the song:



Below I have saved a science magazine for you as a PDF – have a read through. On the last page there is a task I would like you to try.

Imagine you could control evolution. Design a new feature you’d like humans to evolve to help us survive more easily.



If you can get out and get some fresh air today on some daily exercise please do – exercise is good for the soul.laugh


RE / Art:

Mrs Harrison has designed a gorgeous mindfulness colouring sheet for you to have a go at colouring in. Please find it attached below with today’s documents. Maybe this can be during a time of peace and quiet or as part of your reflection today. I hope it gives you lots of joy and reminds you of all the happy times at school. We miss you!  


Hope you have a super day Unicorns xblush