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Good morning Griffins,

We have seen some of your staff portraits from Mrs Huotari's headteacher challenge that was set on Friday.

They are amazing! Keep up the good work.

Stay safe, miss you all.

Mr and Mrs L x





As the music is playing relax and find some inner peace. Focus on your breathing and push out any negative thoughts you may have. Smile as it makes you feel happy and is good for your soul.




 Remember you do not have to copy out all of the questions, especially if they use complicated diagrams. Your answers and any workings out are enough.


Complete Week 2, Lesson 3  Understand percentages. REMEMBER, DO NOT DO SUMMER TERM WEEK 2

It has a video, worksheet and then a sheet with the answers on.

The sheet can also be found in the resources at the bottom of this page.



Remember to read for 20-30 mins a day. Write down any words you can not read or any that you do not understand from your book.


Session 8:  Writing in Role


Take the role of Alex, writing a secret letter to Jack, as his closest friend, explaining to her what has happened since he started his training.

  • Recap on what we know about Alex so far – what evidence do we have about his character – create a few notes about him. Use this when writing in role as him, to give authenticity and refer to when deciding how Alex would write and what he would choose to write about. 
  • After you have completed the above task, listen to or read the next chapter (audio below and pdf at the bottom of the page, read pg35 to top of pg43).


Audio book links for Chapter 6, 'Toys Aren’t Us' here:

Chapter 6, Part 1

Chapter 6, Part 2


History- The Vikings

  • Go to the BBC Bitesize website and look at the warrior and longboat.
  • You can click on the labels and find out more information about the different parts of them. 
  • Now draw your own warrior and longboat with your own labels to explain what you have drawn.


Stormbreaker PDF