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Wednesday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Hello Little Pixies, 

Keep sprinkling your Pixie dust all around you and keep making people smile! You are simple wonderful!




-Can you be a reading spy today? Choose a picture book and try to find some words with the following sounds in: er, or, ar and tr as you are reading. 

-Start from the beginning of the book and this time, don’t read the text but make up your own story using the pictures or retell the story in your own words. 


-Have a look at your picture, box etc of the wild that you created yesterday and discuss what see you. 

-Write three descriptive sentences to describe what you see. Remember to use lots of descriptive language to make your sentences really interesting. In resources you will find a bank of descriptive words that might help you. 

-Also, don’t forget your capital letters and full stops, and keep your handwriting beautiful and neat.  



- Think about the sounds from the reading session (er, or, ar and tr) and try to think of some words for each of these sounds. Write these words on the worksheet found at the bottom of the page. You may want to add to the list throughout the day or even week.  Can your family think of any words to add to the list?

-Use the link to play the tricky word trucks game. Choose children, phase 5.



-Quick recall of the 2 times table and the 10 times table. 

-Continue to think about how arrays can help us with our multiplication, our 2 times table etc. ask your grown up to help you work through the using arrays power point at the bottom of the page. This will explain/remind you how to use arrays and how you can show your workings. 

-Complete the using arrays worksheet at the bottom of the page, using what you have learnt from the power point. 



-When you go for your daily walk or when you are home in the garden, keep a look out for some interesting things in nature, in your surroundings. You could take some pictures of them to make a collage or you could draw some of the things you found. What will you find? 

-Draw a simple map, using pictures, of your local area. Think about what is around your house and what your house is close to e.g. a shop, a park, the beach. Try to include as much as you can remember that is in your surrounding area. If you would rather draw a map of school and the surrounding area, then you can. 


Mrs Jukes, Mackell and Mrs Welsh x