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as Monday – perhaps you can find some other calming music to listen to.



Learning Objective: Uses vocabulary and forms of speech that are increasingly

influenced by their experiences of books.

Watch the story video again and think about the beginning, middle and end of the story.  Think about who the characters are and when they appear in the story.

Tell a grown up or other family member all about the story.  Use some of the words that the author has used.


Phonics (as yesterday but try a different set of letters)

Learning focus: Initial sounds scavenger hunt 
Practise saying single letter sounds (phonemes) in sets:  

1. s   a   t   p  

2. i   n   m   d

3. g   o   c   k

4. e   u   r  y

5. h   b   f   l

6. j   v   w   x

Take a set each day – can you find an item in your home the begins with each of the letter sounds (phonemes) in a set? For example:  Set 1. sock, apple, tin, pan Can you complete all of the sets in a week? For an extra challenge, can you order them in alphabetical order? 



Learning Objective: · Explores the characteristics of everyday objects, 2D and 3D shapes using mathematical language to describe them.

Gather some objects from around the house and look at the shapes that they are made of.  Tell someone in your house about how many sides or corners or faces they have.  Can you identify any shapes hidden in the objects?

You could play this game on Cbeebies and help Postman Pat to sort his parcels by shapes.


Expressive Arts and Design

Learning Objective: Uses a resource or material in a different or unusual way, showing intent as they do so.

 Find some boxes or cut out your own shapes to make a minibeast.  It could be one featured in The King of Tiny Things or one of your choice.  You could even invent your own and give it a name. 

I would love to see what you create so remind your grown up to send photos to