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Wednesday 20th

Good Morning

Hi all, how you all doing? Are you good? I really do hope you are and keeping safe as always. We are half through the week now and so close to our half term. You all deserve to have a great break!



Reflect on what you have heard today, why do you think God will reward people that follow his commandments?



Guided Reading – In chapter 5 Max tries to describe a phone box without knowing what it is. He finds it tricky. I want you to imagine you are a hedgehog and pick something in home and describe it like you have never seen it, don’t know what it is or what it does.

Writing – We are going to keep on moving towards are descriptive piece of writing at the end of the week. We are going to think about that perfect park that we have created and then explored as a hedgehog. We are going to start gathering and collecting language for our write today. We are going to keep thinking about our perfect park and words we would use around our perfect park. I would like you to mind map adjectives (describing words), verbs (doing words), nouns (names) and adverbs (words that describe a verb, often end in ly).

SPAG – I’m not going to set a spag task as I want you to really focus on your language word map.



Arithmetic – We are going to carry on with the 5 times table theme today. Here is a link to a page that has 5 different activities all focused on counting in fives. Give them a go.

Investigation – We have explored o’clock and half past. Now we are going to move onto another time, quarter past. What does this mean to you? Can you discuss what you know about it? Quarter past is when the long minute hand points to the 3, it means 15 minutes have passed since o’clock. Your investigation is to come up with as many quarter past times as you can. You can draw them, write them, order them, shuffle them up, however you want to investigate the time of quarter past.


Science – We are going to finish the science topic with an investigation. The question “What makes you puff?” The more we exercise the more energy we have to use and more tired we become. Also the more we exercise the more oxygen we need to keep our muscles moving. So your investigation is, what exercise makes you breath the hardest. Remember to make sure your breathing returns to normal before starting something new.