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Wednesday 1st

Good Morning

Hi everyone, there are going to be some videos from teachers going up on the website soon doing different things, I am going to do a story for everyone. For those who came to the book week bedtime story you know what to expect! They are found in the video resource centre, which is at the bottom of the children tab.



Question: What do you have to pray for today? Whom can you pray for today?



Guided Reading – Read a book of your choice and create a book review about what you have read. Think about your favourite part, least favourite part, favourite character, least favourite character, plot summary, author, illustrator, front cover. Anything you want about the book you have read. Remember your learning can be done however you would like.

Writing – We are going to move onto the next stage of our story project. So we have created characters and a setting for them to be in. Next we are going to think about the plot, what happens in your story. I would like you to create a list of different events that might happen in your story. It can be things such as the bad guy takes something special and the good guy gets it back, I wont give too many ideas away. We are going to use these ideas tomorrow.

Phonics – Play some phonics play today, have fun and enjoy it.



Arithmetic – A free day today. Practice what you would like to from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Investigation – There are two different investigations on the same sheet below for you to have a go. They are designed to be discussed and worked on together as a team.


Science – We would normally be exploring the life cycles of plants as we grew our own plants. I would like you to research and present your findings on the life cycle of a plant. Be creative, this does not have to be a drawing, you can do what you want for learning. It is brilliant to see just how creative you are all being!