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Wednesday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Lovely Pixies, 

Remember you are LOVED by us all!




-Find your favourite book and read it with a grown up or with a big brother or sister! Maybe you could record yourself reading some of the story and send it to us, just like we read you a story. It would be lovely to share our videos on the website, especially as we can’t share them in class, and we know how much you love sharing books with each other…our sharing basket was always full!!!!


-Look at the pictures only from our new book ‘Wild’ (remember you will find it at the bottom of Tuesday’s page) and think about some questions you could ask about each picture, e.g. why is the lady pulling the girl’s hair?

-Remember to use question marks at the end of each sentence.

-Really look carefully for some clues about the story and no sneaking a peek at the words!!!


- Use the following link to play the Phonics Writing Runway game. Choose phase 5. A sentence will appear, and you need to read it out loud three times. Then press the hide button and the sentence will disappear. Your job is to put the sentence back together in the correct order. Happy flying!!!



-Quick fire questions from your grown-up asking you some ten times table questions. Are you getting quicker?

-Work through the problems on the worksheet below, think about your answers and try to explain how you know. All the problems involve using the 10 times table.



-Have a little explore in your garden or when you go out for your daily exercise. See if you can find anything interesting. Draw some pictures or create a collage of all the beautiful things you find. 

-You could create your very own nature table somewhere that you could add to over the coming weeks. 

-If you are unable to go outside or don’t have a garden, maybe you could look in some books or on the computer/tablet to research plants, flowers etc for your picture. 


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x

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