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Good Morning Unicorns,

Did you know...?

A dog’s nose is like a human finger print – unique to its owner.



Arithmetic: Choose an activity from the ‘my mini maths’ website.

For today’s Maths please follow the link to the start of the summer term maths home learning. Start with Lesson 3: Angles in a triangle – special cases and have a go at the activity too.



Can you read for 30 minutes – a book of your own choice?



Please see the PowerPoint attached below – understanding vocabulary in context. Similar to yesterday work through the PowerPoint and follow the instructions carefully.


History :

I have saved a PowerPoint called ‘Darwin Timeline’ to documents. Using the information here can you create a timeline of your own? At the end of the PowerPoint is a selection of key words. You can design some key word flashcards or a word bank for you to use too.



Practise some still life drawing. Find an object in your house or something in your garden to focus on. All you will need is some paper and a pencil. Take some time to carefully sketch your object. The link below has some really helpful hints to get you started:


Wishing you all a lovely day! blush x