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Wednesday 13th

Good Morning

Hi Elves, hope you are all keeping safe and still enjoying your home learning as much as you can. I said last week if you would like to do an activity then to let me know and I will try to plan it as best as I can.



Share with people you can 3 things you are amazed by ad think are truly great.



Guided Reading – Today you can have a free day. Read and do anything you would like. Have fun and enjoy it.

Writing – Yesterday you designed and created a method for hedgehogs to cross a road safely and without human help or support. When I went into school on Monday I saw a hedgehog cross the road leading up to the school. I think that if we ask Mrs Huotari in a letter she may agree to let us install it in school. Mind map some ideas for what you may include in a letter to Mrs Huotari asking to put it in the hedgehog crossing.

SPAG – We have explored contractions and I would like you to see if you can apply your knowledge in sentences. Can you write 5 sentences that have a contraction in each?



Arithmetic – Maintaining the subtraction theme, we are going to play the countdown game. You need to pick a number between 10 – 99. Then pick another number between 1-9. You have to take the smaller number away from the bigger, getting as close to 0 as you can. The closest to zero wins.

Art and Investigation – You explored and created basic repeating patterns yesterday. Today I would like you to think about patterns again. I would like you to create a piece of artwork that uses a repeating patterns in all the objects. We should be able to tell what your picture is but you have to use repeating patterns in it.


Science – Last week I had you investigate and explore the life cycles of humans. You created some brilliant work. Today there is a sorting activity below. A few life cycles have all been mixed up. Can you put them back into the correct groups and correct order?