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Good Morning Unicorns,

Did you know...?

Pigs cannot look up into the sky – it’s physically impossible.



Arithmetic: fractions – see documents below.  

Please follow the link to Lesson 3: Step 1 – Measure with a protractor.  Follow up the lesson with the activity too.



I have attached a modal text for the story ‘Alma’ but this version is called ‘Trapped’.  Read through the story and make notes or highlight parts of the text. What would you magpie?

Have a go at writing a story opener. Written in the third person.

For example:

The  howling wind whistled through the labyrinth of dark alleys, the snowflakes, which had created a glistening white carpet beneath her wellies, tumbled silently towards the ground. Playfully, Alma dodged in and out of each flake whilst wondering why the streets were so eerily deserted.


GPS: Work through the PowerPoint on Apostrophes.  


Science: enlightened Watch this week’s Reach out Reporter clip:


I’m in school working today but I will do my best to respond to any emails as soon as possible. Miss Moore. xheart