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Daily Reflection

Wednesday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Good Morning Pixies!

Keep smiling. We are thinking of you and are excited to hear all about your home learning. 




Read a book of your choice for at least 10 minutes. Ask a grown up to ask you some of the questions that can be found on the Reading Questions Bookmark at the bottom of the page. 


Read through the beginning of your story from the previous day. Think about and talk about where the scarf is going to land and how it is going to travel there. On our class story map we had planned for the scarf to land at Radnor park however you can choose your own Folkestone landmark if you would prefer. Write two sentences to continue your story.


Complete the game on the following link, choosing year one. This game focuses on tricky words that we need to know how to spell.



-Quick fire questions based on the 2 times table. Can you answer them quickly and in a random order?

- Complete the counting in 2’s number line that can be found at the bottom of the page.



-Investigate and find something out about the Gun Powder Plot. You might want to look at the following links.

-Create a firework picture using a wonderful mix of colours. Don’t forget to email us a copy or put one in the post!! We would love to see them. 


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh x