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Start the day with a reflection - can you think of a prayer that you can say to help the sick people in the world to get better.


Learning Objective

Being Imaginative: They can represent their own ideas, thoughts and feelings through design and technology, art, music, dance, role play and stories.

Watch a clip of a real life circus.  Can you mime a circus act and get a grown up to guess what you are doing?  Ask a grown up to do the same and see whether you can guess their circus act?

Writing: Segments CVC words and uses appropriate letters to represent sounds in their writing.

Write a sentence about what you were pretending to be. 

E.g. “I swung on a trapeze”.

Remember to use your phonic sounds.


Maths:  To use positional language

Watch Michael Rosen’s “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and join in just like we do in class.

Outside or inside find places for you to go over, under and through.  You could also put a bear on, in or under something.


On a walk or in your garden find a natural object that you can use to make some art.  Perhaps you could draw it or use it to make into something else.


Don't forget to record your little bit of "I can sing a rainbow" ! As detailed on the front of our homework page.


Have fun Imps and keep spreading happiness smiley