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Tuesday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Hello Little Pixies, 

Keep going! Every day is a new day with a fresh start from what you learned yesterday.




-Do you have any poetry books or rhyming books that you could have a look at? If you do, try reading it out loud. 

-Ask your grown up if you could read to them.

-Continue with your reading challenge from last week.



-Look back at your image you drew yesterday. Have a listen to the storm music using the following link. When listening to the music, go from 12 minutes.

-Think of some words that can be used to describe a storm and make a list of these words.

-Choose one word at a time and put it into a sentence. Choose four words altogether so that you have four sentences. Write each sentence one under the other and then you have created your very own storm poem. 

-Maybe you could read your storm poem out loud to someone. 



-Today we are thinking about the different pronunciations for the grapheme o. Take a listen of each video clip to help you.

-Use the following link to play the game Acorn Adventures. When you begin the game please choose the o grapheme. 

-Can you think of your own words with the o sound in?



-We are going to be thinking about o’clock and half past today. When the bigger hand is on the twelve, we know it is o’clock and when the bigger hand is on the six, it is half past.

-Work through the half past power point slide to help you. 

-Use your homemade clocks from yesterday to see if you can show half past 4. Can you show half past 10? Can you find half past 2?

-Complete the telling the time worksheet found in the resources.



-We have been thinking lots about family. Your family help you experience many different things and help you all of the time. How does your family help you? They help you with your growing up!

-Remember that you are also part of our school family and the Church family. How do these help you?

-If you have the film The Jungle Book at home, have a watch and think of Mowgli growing up in the jungle and how he doesn’t have his family to help him, he has his jungle friends instead. 

-Create a picture using whatever you have at home that includes people from your family at home, at school and the Church. 


Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh xxx

Resources and Worksheets