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Good morning Griffins,

Today in school would have been one of our 'World Faith Days.'

All of our activities and learning will focus on Islam today.

There are some online lessons from BBC Bitesize as well as a creative piece of learning for you to complete.

Have a great day

Mr and Mrs Langley x



As you listen to the music think about the word 'tolerance.' What does it mean to you? Where in the world do people need to show more tolerance and love to each other.



Today there is a division arithmetic sheet in the resources section below.



Work your way through the BBC Bitesize site on Islam.

Have a look at the 3 learner guides here: 

Make notes on the guides to create your own poster (use something like Powerpoint if you like), don't write everything down, there is a lot of information!


Children’s tour of mosque


Finally watch some of the class clips to learn more:



Islamic tiles

Have a look at the Islamic tile designs on the sheet provided (below) then have a go at designing your own.

Try and use the colours, shapes and patterns that have been used in the designs, what are the predominant colours?


Here is a video of someone designing a tile:


You can draw your design on the design sheet (below) or complete it on your own piece of paper.

Send in some of your designs to

Find sheets to support your learning in the resources section below.

Arithmetic Sheet