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Good Morning

Hello Everyone, I hope you enjoyed writing together yesterday, it was really good fun. Today we are giving the day to looking at Islam as a whole school. We are going to focus on the festival and celebration of Eid.


We are going to start the day off a zoom to discuss what Eid is and the story that inspired it.


Task 1 - Can you retell or story map the story of Ibrahim (PBUH) and Ismail (PBUH). If you didn't join us for the zoom then this video, will tell the story to you.


Task 2 - Below is a fact file on Eid al Adha with some questions. Can you have a go at answering them?


Task 3 - Also below is a few examples of Islamic art. Islamic uses 3 main parts, tesselation, repetition and symmetry. This video explains what tesselation is Repetition falls in with tesselation in that is the same thing done over and over again. Finally symmetry is where the same thing is done to either side of a line or point. Butterflys have symmetrical wings for example. Can you create your own Islamic style art? Or can you colour in one of the examples below?