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Reflection and Music

Tuesday Home Learning – Pixies Class


Hello Pixies,

Today is going to be a little different as we are celebrating World Faiths and so are going to be learning about Islam. We hope that you have a really good day and enjoy the different tasks we have set for you. 


Task One: 

-What is Islam? Islam is a religion; believers believe in God and his messenger Muhammed. Look through the power point called introduction to Islam and this will help you to get started. 


Task Two: 

-Do you know what the Qur’an is? It is a very special book that Muslims use. Muslims believe it is the ‘Word of God.’

-Have a read through the Qur’an power point and ask your adults if you have any questions about what you have learnt. In the Qur’an there are lots of sentences about what is important in life. 

-Using some coloured paper or white paper (whatever you have at home) make your own little book. You can use the link below to help you.

-On each page write a simple sentence about something that is important and draw a picture…. e.g. show kindness. 


Task Three:

-During prayer, prayer mats are used. Muslims lay their prayer mats out, they sit on them and take part in prayer. At the Mosques, the carpet is made up of prayer mats. See the examples of different prayer mats found in the resources. 

-Design your own prayer mat, using the template provided in resources. Or if you would prefer to use a large piece of paper to do your design that is great too. Think about the designs and colours you saw in the examples.


Task Four: 

-In Islam, they do not have pictures of human beings but rather patterns. These patterns are often detailed and colourful. Have a look at some of the examples found in resources. 

-Create your own Islamic pattern using the templates provided in resources. There are lots to choose from, you can either choose a pattern or an Islamic tile to complete. 

-Take your time and see if you can be really careful when colouring in your pattern. We would love to see the final ones. 


If you would like to listen to some Islamic music, use the link provided.



Mrs Jukes, Mrs Mackell and Mrs Welsh xxx