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Tuesday Home Learning- Dragon Class

Today at school would have been World Faith Day, a day where we learn about a different religion. RE was one of my favourite subjects at Secondary School, as I loved learning about how other people live. Today our World Faith Day focuses on Islam and there will be different activities for you to complete. Mrs Jukes and Mrs Archibald would love to see examples of your home learning on Islam, so please do take a photograph and send it in! Miss Baker x



Listen to the Islamic Call to Prayer. How does it make you feel? What language is it in?           

The Mosque

The Mosque is a place for the community of Muslim believers to share their faith through prayer.

A mosque traditionally faces Makkah, the holy city of Islam which is found in Saudi Arabia. The direction of Makkah is shown by the niche or Mihrab. Two further important features of a mosque is the minaret, or tower, from which a man called a muezzin calls the community of Muslims to prayer, and a room for ritual washing, so that a Muslim may be clean for his prayers.


No images or pictures of people are to be found in a mosque and because this has always been the case, traditional designs in a mosque are based on the creativity of Allah in nature and geometric design.

Learning the Qu’ran in Arabic, the traditionally holy language of Islam, is extremely important for Muslims, so a mosque will have rooms built into it for the purposes of learning and schooling younger Muslims.  It is traditional that men and women worship separately. Therefore there will be room available in the mosque for this.


Have a look at the attached Powerpoint about Mosques and have a go at the activity sheet


Islamic Patterns

Although there will be no images in a Mosque. You may find interesting patterns on carpets and on the building itself. These patterns are often geometric- look this word up! Look at the attached slide show on Islamic patterns and fill a blank page with your own geometric doodles!


Other activity ideas

  • Could you make some food that would be traditional at an Islamic celebration?
  • Can you write in Arabic?
  • Compare and contrast Catholicism and Islam
  • Create a Mosque Collage picture or Mosque silhouette
  • Research an Islamic Festival such as Ramadan or Eid