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Good Morning

Hi all, I will not keep you long here as we have zoom shortly to work on starting our comics and discussing speech bubbles. I will send a 5 minute reminder out before we start. I will wait 10 minutes after we begin for others to join before starting the screen share, if you can’t join us before this time please message another parent to ask me to let you in. I do not get notified if you join the waiting room once screen share has begun, I promise I am not ignoring you! Have a great day!






Writing and Guided Reading – We are going to Zoom today so I won’t set other learning.



Arithmetic – Have a think about this question from our learning yesterday on sharing. I have 75 sweets and I want to share them between 6 people. I think each person will get 15 sweets. Prove if I am wrong or right.

Challenges – Our challenges today are focused on dividing still but we are going to explore and look at grouping items to show how they have been divided Here is the video and you will find the challenges below.


Topic – linking in with our writing theme over the next two weeks, I would like you to design the characters for your pirate story. You need a good pirate and a bad pirate. Think about how you can make them different to each other. What would good pirate look like? Would they have the skull and cross bones? What colours may your bad pirate wear? How are they different to the good pirate? Your pirates can be men or women.