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Good Morning

Hi everyone, hope you had a good Monday yesterday. I sent out the zoom invites yesterday so I hope you received them. There was 2, one for Wednesday and one for Friday. If you didn’t receive one or both please email me or contact the office and we will get them to you.





Guided Reading – If you haven’t had a chance to watch the videos on our current book, The Pirate Cruncher by Jonny Duddle, the links are here. - Jonny Duddle reading his own story - A follow along audiobook by Peter the Voice Guy

Today I would like you to summarise the story. You have 5 sentences only to tell the most important parts of the story in your summary.

Writing and Art – Yesterday we were fact gathering and finding on a famous pirate. Today we are going to do something a little different in our English time. Having researched your famous pirate today I would like you to draw their portrait to use in your fact file later in the week. You can draw them however you would like and using what ever you would like.



Arithmetic – Following on from our learning on multiplication yesterday, today I would like you to go on times tables rockstars and practice some more.

Investigation – We are continuing to explore multiplication and today we are exploring arrays. Arrays are a way of setting out dots or objects to show the multiplication you are working on. The video for arrays is here and the challenges are below.


Computing and Topic – Last week I gave you a map to navigate around. Today I would like you to create your own maps to move around and navigate around. I have included a template for you to create your map on. We will use them in next week’s computing challenge.